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Advocats Abogados is an independent law firm based in Valencia, Spain. We have offices in the center of the city of Valencia, and also in the small coastal town of Moraira, Alicante, some 120km South in the heart of the Costa Blanca. We have many years of experience dealing with clients relocating their homes and businesses to the region as well as providing legal services for local residents.

We have excellent English-speaking staff. Juan Torres de Miguel (ICAV 6.633), the founder of our legal practice has spent several years working for well-established law firms in the UK before beginning his own firm in London, Valencia and Moraira.

Advocats Abogados are able to assist in your legal needs from either of our two offices in mainland Spain and also in the UK through our association with a London-based legal practice.

Please contact us if you require more information about the services that we offer or wish to discuss your particular requirements.

Property Services

Legal advice when buying or selling property in Spain will make it easier for you and ensure that all aspects of this transaction are dealt with and that the property is free of any previous charges or liabilities. We will represent you in all the aspects of this purchase including dealing with the estate agent, the vendor´s Lawyer, the Notaries office and the Land Registry. We will provide you with the necessary guidance on how to pay property taxes and how much. We will also take care of all necessary documents which the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento), the water and electricity companies, and assisting you in the opening of your Bank account.

Advocats Abogados can assist you with the following property services. Should you wish to know more please follow the links below or contact us.




We will complete searches on any issue which is relevant to the purchase of the property...

Searches at the Land Registry

His service is useful to obtain information of a property owned in Spain...

Fiscal Representation

All non resident property owners in Spain are obliged by law to have a fiscal representative..

Making a Spanish Will

Having bought a property in Spain it is recommended to draw up a Spanish Will which in the future will make.....

Transfer of Assets to Heirs

Having bought a property in Spain it is recommended to draw up a Spanish ....

Real Estate

Visit our real estate website, properties in coast.


Our conveyance service includes the following:

- We will complete searches on any issue which is relevant to the purchase of the property such as a search for information on the developer, the vendor. Also a search on the legal status of the property will be undertaken which will assure you of no complications and enable you to decide on the purchase.

- We will assist you and meet either the vendor or his Lawyer to agree the terms and conditions of the purchase of the property you have agreed with them.

- If the owner of the property is a non resident individual we will ensure that any deposit on the property remains in the account of the vendors Lawyer here in Spain until the taxes on the sale for non resident are duly paid.

- We will arrange all the documents required in order to complete the purchase before the Notary. Our services include the preparation of a power of attorney when necessary in case that you are not able to attend the signature of the title deeds.

- Once the purchase is completed the next step is to ensure that the deeds are registered in the corresponding local Land Registry Office- At this stage any relevant taxes with regard to the purchase of the property must be paid and we can also assist you present them and paid these taxes on your behalf following your instructions.

All foreigners owning a property in Spain should have an NIE number. This is a fiscal identification number which we would obtain for you. Read more about the Spanish NIE.


This service is useful to obtain information of a property owned in Spain. It provides confirmation that the property is registered in the Land Registry and the name of the registered owner. It will also reveal if there are any charges or liabilities attached to the property.

This service includes:

- Application for information from Land Register.

- The translation of the documents obtained, and the cost of forwarding.

The information required to carry out this service are as follows:

- Full address of the property (house number or name, road name, town, post code)

- Previous owners's full name or company name.

- Identification number of owner (CIF, NIF, Passport).

- Any other details of the property's registration (if available).

The more information that you are able to provide the quicker it is to find the relevant registration and check that there are no problems.

The cost of this service includes the request for the above mentioned information from the Land Registry Office. It also includes the translation of the information obtained before forwarding it to our client.


All non resident property owners in Spain are recommended to have a fiscal representative who will ensure that any taxes due are paid on that property. It is also advisable and much easier for Resident owners to have a fiscal representative.

This service includes the preparation of documents required for correct tax payments ensuring that all are paid within the specified time limits.

We also offer a service with regards to Wills and Inheritance:

- The drawing up and signing of Wills.

- The transfer of assets to heirs.


Having bought a property in Spain it is recommended to draw up a Spanish Will which in the future will make more cost effective also avoid many problems for your heirs. Often people do not make Wills here because it is not essential but then their heirs are faced with many legal expenses and lengthy legal procedures.

Therefore we offer this service for you which includes:

- Preparing the Will and writing this document both in Spanish and English.

- Presenting it before the Notaries office & ensuring its registration.


These services are for those who have inherited assets here in Spain and require help with the transfer of these.

This includes the following:

- If the death occurred in Spain the request of the Death Certificate.

- Request of the Will Certificate from the Registry of Wills in Madrid.

- If there is a Spanish Will signed obtain a copy of this document from the Notary.

- If there is no Spanish Will it is necessary to learn of the existence and contents of a foreign Will.

- According to the stipulations of the Will distribute the estate amongst the appointed beneficiaries.

- If there is no Spanish Will and no foreign Will it is necessary a succession certificate from the Country of origin of the deceased that establishes the succession law applicable and describes and appoints his / her legal heirs.

- Inscription of the inherited estate in the name of the beneficiaries at the Land Register Office.

- Payment of the Inheritance Tax in our client´s behalf.

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